Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Holidays

 Like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..
unfortunately I been away working so haven't been out photographing this summer,with the winter time upon us I hope to get out to the woods in the new year.
 My waterfowl calenders have been given out and the wildlife one should be in this week.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Common Eiders spring fling

 After a beautiful night, I decided I'd go down to the beach in the morning to watch the Eiders pairing up before they head to the islands to nest.As the sun rose there were a few flocks flying by looking for the good feeding spots with the tide falling,I manage to snap a few shots as they flew by in the morning light with the iso raised to 800.
 As sunrise came to be I creeped up by the mossy shore waiting for the birds to come in and feed and sun themselves.While watching the group for awhile I noticed that the females seemed to be doing most of the courting,cleaning and pushing the others off the rocks to get all the attention.
 While shooting the birds climbing on the rocks I noticed a male with a leg band,as he climb back on the rock after feeding for awhile,the female would groom him.After two hours I sadly had to retreat home for another day wishing i had more time with the group to get some feeding shots.
Male Common Eider

Female Common Eider

Grooming himself after breakfast 

Female grooming the Male in the morning sun

 Well be checking back in about a week or so as they make their nest to see if they're still together.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Eastern Woodpeckers

 Well back in action again after getting my sensors cleaned in the Nikon d90.Finally had some time to get in the backwoods again with the camera.After hiking for a while I heard the familiar sound of the woodpeckers taping away in the foggy hardwood stand.As I approached the sound I was surprised to hear quite a few birds in the area.
 While I watch for movement in the tree tops I was surprised to see a Red Naped Sapsucker fly by,then as I moved in closer I seen a Yellow Belly Sapsucker land about 20 feet away from me.After getting only a few photos off I returned to the trail to review my luck,as I finished my hike I returned to the woodlot to my surprise I spotted a little Downy woodpecker digging in to a tree and chatting up a storm.Once I returned home I stopped to shoot a Northern Flicker in the tree by the feeders which usually holds a few Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers.
  I've gathered a few photos of the different woodpeckers I seen the past week.
Red Naped Sapsucker

Yellow Belly Sapsucker

Northern Flicker
Downy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker
 Still missing a couple of woodpeckers hoping the weather can clear up to get in the woods again soon.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Winter Eagles feeding

  After 2 months in Sydney,Nova Scotia had the pleasure of spending time feeding the Eagles on the weekends.Now that all the ice has melted,3 weeks earlier than last year, had time to check over some of the many shots I've taken.
   I noticed that last year had about 15-20 mature and only 2 or 3 young eagles,this season I noticed far more immature eagles which is a good sign for their population.Also seen more interest from other photographers shooting the eagles.
  I've gather a few shoots from on the ice to ice melting to no more ice feeding shoots with the Nikon d90 and Sigma 150-500 most shots are in "A" F9 and 200 iso handheld.
mature digging in

almost mature snatching a meal
immature fishing on thin ice

mature grabbing redfish
mature eagles splashing down

immature skimming for fish
  After another feeding season behind me,already dreaming of what next year will bring with all the immature eagles paired up and nesting around.till then bring on the spring birds and babies.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pintail visitor

 After the 3rd weekend storm this month, decided to go down the shore to watch the goldeneyes and mallards as a light snow fell.I was very surprised to see a pair of pintails fly by and pitch in with the mallards.
 As I sat behind the ice clumps the pair swam by a few time unaware of my presents.I was fortune to listen to them whistle at each other as they followed the mallards.Pintails are rare around these waters so I assume the storm brought them in,hopefully they'll return this spring again.
male pintail in flight
Pair of Pintails
Male Pintail floating in the ice
Pintail playing with Mallards

Friday, February 17, 2012

Barred Owl

  After the last visit to the old apple orchards and coming across a great horned owl.I decided to head back in search of him again.When I approached the orchards I spotted an silhouette in the branches,as I edged my way towards her I realize it was a barred owl.
  While I watched her rest I wondered if I would ever get this close again,so I sat and enjoyed our time together as we made eye contact she did not seem threatened by my presents.
  As I hiked back to the trails I ponder what could await me the next time I enter the woods.Guess that why I love hiking in with the camera and spending time in nature.
Barred Owl checking on me

Barred Owl enjoying nice day

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Great Horned Owl

 While out hiking came upon a great horned owl sitting in some old spruce trees.After the surprise of shooting him,as he left I finished my hike checking on an old apple orchard and reliving what just happened and how  I should of done things differently.To my surprise when I returned back the owl had returned to the same area resting further up in the branches I watched him for about 1/2 hour as he watched over the the ravine before darkness chased me out of the wood.Here are few shoots of him,hopefully will have better luck this evening.

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl stare down 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sushi For Birds

  Over the past month while out shooting I've been trying to focus on catch the birds feeding.The start I was lucky enough to pass a loon feeding near and old wharf which gave me a good hiding spot.               

A few days ago we had a snow storm which brought in a few birds close to the shore where I set up a few ice clampers to hide behind and had a few red breasted merganser feeding on sculpins while a seagull tormented them to his success.

stolen meal

snowy dinnertime
 The next morning I returned to the shore watching a few common goldeneyes,while I was shooting a goldeneye feeding on a sculpin to my right I was startled by a splash,as I turned I seen a eagle raising out of the water with a cod in his talons.This really pleased me but unfortunately drove all the birds away. 
common goldeneye with sculpin

eagle with cod
 Hopefully with the ice moving in I have better chances to get out and catch more birds feeding near the shorelines.Most photos were taken with the Nikon d90 and Sigma 150-500 hand held.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Five Favorite Photo Experiences Of 2011

    After going through some of my photos of 2011 and cataloguing them.I come to appreciate how many time I've been able to escape to photograph the past year.
    I'd have to say buying my Nikon D90 (Sigma 150-500,Sigma 70-200 and Nikon 18-105 lens)gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get out more.Really happy with the set-up so far,the 18-105 isn't bad for landscapes would like to pick up a 10-20 lens.the 70-200 2.8f is really nice and sharp,by far my favorite so far the 150-500 seems to work very well up to about 440mm and sweet spot at f9 does well with the wildlife.
     By far the most memorable photo shot was with the Eagle.I spent about 4 weeks feeding and shooting about 16 eagles in the winter months which brought me within 10 feet of these beautiful birds.I really would have to thank Wayne Gouthro(great feeder) and Larry Kelly(photographer)for taking me along and sharing in the fun.
    The most emotional shoot I've had came by find a young grey seal ashore after a storm seemed to be separated from the rest of the seals.I spent about an hour with the young pup,was hard to leave him alone on the beach at the end of the day,check later as the tide came in an found no trace of the little one hopefully he made it back with the group.
     The most peaceful photo shot would have to be the two weeks I followed 2 foxes as they hunted after the snow melted,they both had no concern that I was with them usually within 20 feet and running ahead to get better light angles.I've always love these animals and to spend 5 or 6 days so close to them was a dream come through,one was still around this summer and came around me for a morning while I chased some Loons ,hopefully I can find them back this spring.
    The most colourful shoot would have to be the trip out to Bird Islands in Cape Breton.I headed out to the Islands to shoot razorbills,black guillemont and the atlantic puffins.I made 2 trips out as the first was very rough seas but still worth the effort as seen many birds.Can't wait to re-visit the Islands this spring again.
    The longest coming photo shoot has to be the gannets,I've always wanted to get close to these beautiful birds and had tried a few years pass with little success.As the summer came on I was fortunate to be on the beach as the flock chased the fish ashore,then I made a trip to watch them soar along the rocky shore.Finally came within eye contact with these birds and was worth the wait.
  That was most of My year of shooting except for the week in the fall I spent shooting waterfalls in Cape Breton I had a terrific year shooting.Can't wait to see what 2012 brings

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years 2012

 Well it's been about 1 year since I've started this blog,Been a little lazy at it some time with working and no time to get out and shoot but definitely improved my attitude to get out and try and find new subjects to shoot.
  In the early winter of 2011 Eagles were my subject of choice and had a great time doing it(hopefully the next few weeks I'll get back after them). The spring brought me to the farms and my Foxes ,which I always wanted to do and am grateful I had some great encounters.The Summer I chased my Gannets and Puffins,with a little a bit of infrared shooting.In the Fall had great time with the waterfalls of Cape Breton,as well as my blackducks in the pond.
As for the year to come I hope to hope to chase more waterfowls this winter as well as my foxes.
Well its been and interesting year I hope to keep this blog going and hopefully start a website to share my photos with everyone.........Happy New Years 2012