Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Common Eiders spring fling

 After a beautiful night, I decided I'd go down to the beach in the morning to watch the Eiders pairing up before they head to the islands to nest.As the sun rose there were a few flocks flying by looking for the good feeding spots with the tide falling,I manage to snap a few shots as they flew by in the morning light with the iso raised to 800.
 As sunrise came to be I creeped up by the mossy shore waiting for the birds to come in and feed and sun themselves.While watching the group for awhile I noticed that the females seemed to be doing most of the courting,cleaning and pushing the others off the rocks to get all the attention.
 While shooting the birds climbing on the rocks I noticed a male with a leg band,as he climb back on the rock after feeding for awhile,the female would groom him.After two hours I sadly had to retreat home for another day wishing i had more time with the group to get some feeding shots.
Male Common Eider

Female Common Eider

Grooming himself after breakfast 

Female grooming the Male in the morning sun

 Well be checking back in about a week or so as they make their nest to see if they're still together.

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