Sunday, February 3, 2013

Frozen Red Breasted Mergansers

 After a very cold January month most of the harbours have frozen in,I decided to walk down the train tracks to the bridges.As I approached the hole, the few birds in there didn't seemed too nervous of my presents.Once I settled in the Mergansers,as well as a goldeneye, came in to check me out.I only spent a half-hour there not to disturb them. here are a few shots from the morning shoot....
Feeding down the river

Male Red Breasted Merganser

Female Red Breasted Merganser

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Eagles of 2013

 Finally returned to Sydney,Nova Scotia to photograph the Eagles now that a little ice has formed along the shoreline.On Sunday morning ,a warm front passed through with the temperature rising up to 7'C(45'F).
 Once we gathered along the shoreline we were greeted with a few Herring gulls and a special 2nd Winter Iceland Gull who for the most part was a little bit of a bully when the food was out.
2nd Winter Iceland Gull
Iceland flying by
 While waiting for the Eagles to show up a Raven stopped in for a snack,which I really appreciate because I tried before to photograph them with little success because of lighting problems.
Raven having quick snack
 Once the Eagles started to fly we had an amazing day with about 7-10 Eagles circling around to bombard Us.As the ice flows broke up we had to drop the food precisely on top of the ice as the food sank if we missed to the joy of the Gulls. 
 With about 6 photographers yelling which Eagle to shoot at,we were spinning around like tops.After about 2 hours the eagles had enough and with all the laughs and Nikon-Canon debates done,we called it a day.
  Can't wait till next weekend for the get together again great laughs,good friends and lots of photo opportunities.Here are a few of the Eagles we seen.........Mostly shot with Nikon D90 Sigma 150-500 lens @ISO200   F9 Aperture Mode  between 200mm-300mm focal length...enjoy. 
Getting drive bombed from above

Locked and Loaded

Coming in on the flows

A successful grab 


Long Tail Duck

 On the way to my photo outing in Sydney,Nova Scotia came across this male Long Tail Duck grooming himself near the shoreline.Decided to try and sneak up on him,to my surprise he could careless I had stopped to photograph him.After a few minutes I walked down the shore to get closer and he kept playing in the ice flow.
 After about 10 minutes I left the duck, to continue on to my photo shoot,as I looked back he was still making himself pretty.Here's a few shoots of the grooming sessions enjoy:
Paddling around in the ice flows

Long Tail Duck

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Windy Visitor

   After a quiet christmas,we had a few days of strong winds and large surf.A friend of mine called me to say there were a few ducks being pushed close to shore with the winds,so I went down to watch the waves and look for a few photos.
  While walking the shoreline I came across one of my favorite little waterfowls a Dovekie,which when I started making decoys as a hobby,was my first set I made and still use to attract ducks near the wharfs.The dovekie had come ashore and seemed confused, so I approached her and after watching her trying to walk,realized they weren't meant to be on land,like the loon.
   Once I took a few shots of her,I seen she had calmed down,I decided to try and pick her up to move towards the cove where the water was calmer.To my surprised she let me or was too tired to fight,once I released her I watch as she slowly swam around and after a few drive I left hoping she'd be alright.
  Here a photo of the Dovekie sitting on the beach....

Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Holidays

 Like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..
unfortunately I been away working so haven't been out photographing this summer,with the winter time upon us I hope to get out to the woods in the new year.
 My waterfowl calenders have been given out and the wildlife one should be in this week.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Common Eiders spring fling

 After a beautiful night, I decided I'd go down to the beach in the morning to watch the Eiders pairing up before they head to the islands to nest.As the sun rose there were a few flocks flying by looking for the good feeding spots with the tide falling,I manage to snap a few shots as they flew by in the morning light with the iso raised to 800.
 As sunrise came to be I creeped up by the mossy shore waiting for the birds to come in and feed and sun themselves.While watching the group for awhile I noticed that the females seemed to be doing most of the courting,cleaning and pushing the others off the rocks to get all the attention.
 While shooting the birds climbing on the rocks I noticed a male with a leg band,as he climb back on the rock after feeding for awhile,the female would groom him.After two hours I sadly had to retreat home for another day wishing i had more time with the group to get some feeding shots.
Male Common Eider

Female Common Eider

Grooming himself after breakfast 

Female grooming the Male in the morning sun

 Well be checking back in about a week or so as they make their nest to see if they're still together.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Eastern Woodpeckers

 Well back in action again after getting my sensors cleaned in the Nikon d90.Finally had some time to get in the backwoods again with the camera.After hiking for a while I heard the familiar sound of the woodpeckers taping away in the foggy hardwood stand.As I approached the sound I was surprised to hear quite a few birds in the area.
 While I watch for movement in the tree tops I was surprised to see a Red Naped Sapsucker fly by,then as I moved in closer I seen a Yellow Belly Sapsucker land about 20 feet away from me.After getting only a few photos off I returned to the trail to review my luck,as I finished my hike I returned to the woodlot to my surprise I spotted a little Downy woodpecker digging in to a tree and chatting up a storm.Once I returned home I stopped to shoot a Northern Flicker in the tree by the feeders which usually holds a few Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers.
  I've gathered a few photos of the different woodpeckers I seen the past week.
Red Naped Sapsucker

Yellow Belly Sapsucker

Northern Flicker
Downy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker
 Still missing a couple of woodpeckers hoping the weather can clear up to get in the woods again soon.