Monday, January 17, 2011

in search of eagles

 Well, the weather turned for the worse the last few days; cold, windy, and snow which made outings a little hard to do. Luckily, local fisherman have been cleaning fish along the shoreline, so this attracted some eagles to the area. Been a little tough to get close to them, but it's a good chance to play with my sigma 150-500 lens.
 Had an older eagle land on the lake in front of the house with a redfish he dragged from the ocean. While watching him wash it in the fresh water, he dropped it and it sank to the bottom; not a happy fisherman. 
young eagle search the shoreline

eagle taking a break at the waters edge

older eagle washing his catch which he dropped in the water

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What a difference a day makes

 Well, I made a trip in search of wildlife yesterday and had one of those days where you were always 1 step behind the wildlife. Started off by missing my loon which I had been checking on for a few days. By the time I parked and got in position, he heard me and decided to have a staring contest (he won). I left then and saw 3 eagles circling over the ponds. I knew where they usually fly by so I set up. After waiting 1 hour, I gave up and,on the way home, I saw my 2 eagles on the shore right where I was set up for my loon.
  Today I tried again before the weather turned. I fed my birds and went out in search of my pheasants and saw 1. Checked on my favorite spot for blackducks and saw a few. Got a nice pair sunning themselves. I got home and saw a few songbirds who were friendly so I got some shots.
Goes to show you: Tuesday 2 shots and Wednesday  25 shots.
house sparrow

male and female house sparrow
female house sparrow
mallards enjoying the sun

Friday, January 7, 2011

sunny days over

Rain and snow mix out today so I decided to go through a few pictures of the past week. Had 2 beautiful  sunny days and got out in search of waterfowl. Came across a few mallards and, luckily, a pair of Old Squaws. Loving the new Nikon d90 and its Sigma 150-500 lens. Can't wait for the harbors to freeze up so the ducks will be more confined and give better shooting opportunities. Here are a few pics of the Old Squaw pair.
male Old Squaw
male and female Old Squaw
time to leave

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

birding january 1 2011

Started the new year off on a good foot. Traveled to Sydney in search of waterfowl, had great weather +2 in the morning. Left around 7am, got to the church and set up near the river waiting for sunrise. Saw many blackducks and mallards early in the morning with a few mergansers mixed in. A few decoys would have been a great help. Managed to get a few shots in before dinner time.
male mallard coming in

blackducks on log
male mallard

camera bag

list of my camera bags
for landscapes           >   SonyA100 with sony lenses 28x80,35x70 macro,70-21and sigma lenses28-70,70-300,100-300 ,Sherpa 250 tripod Lowepro 300 flipside
for birding and wildlife > Nikon D90 with nikon 18-105vr lens and Sigma  70-200 f2.8,150-500 OS lens Sherpa 250 tripod lowepro 400aw flipside

start of the new year 2011

Welcome 2011
Decided to start a blog site for my photography.Been following a few other photographer's blogs and found them informative.

Going to try and blog weekly about photography around the coast of Cape Breton,Nova Scotia.