Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Five Favorite Photo Experiences Of 2011

    After going through some of my photos of 2011 and cataloguing them.I come to appreciate how many time I've been able to escape to photograph the past year.
    I'd have to say buying my Nikon D90 (Sigma 150-500,Sigma 70-200 and Nikon 18-105 lens)gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get out more.Really happy with the set-up so far,the 18-105 isn't bad for landscapes would like to pick up a 10-20 lens.the 70-200 2.8f is really nice and sharp,by far my favorite so far the 150-500 seems to work very well up to about 440mm and sweet spot at f9 does well with the wildlife.
     By far the most memorable photo shot was with the Eagle.I spent about 4 weeks feeding and shooting about 16 eagles in the winter months which brought me within 10 feet of these beautiful birds.I really would have to thank Wayne Gouthro(great feeder) and Larry Kelly(photographer)for taking me along and sharing in the fun.
    The most emotional shoot I've had came by find a young grey seal ashore after a storm seemed to be separated from the rest of the seals.I spent about an hour with the young pup,was hard to leave him alone on the beach at the end of the day,check later as the tide came in an found no trace of the little one hopefully he made it back with the group.
     The most peaceful photo shot would have to be the two weeks I followed 2 foxes as they hunted after the snow melted,they both had no concern that I was with them usually within 20 feet and running ahead to get better light angles.I've always love these animals and to spend 5 or 6 days so close to them was a dream come through,one was still around this summer and came around me for a morning while I chased some Loons ,hopefully I can find them back this spring.
    The most colourful shoot would have to be the trip out to Bird Islands in Cape Breton.I headed out to the Islands to shoot razorbills,black guillemont and the atlantic puffins.I made 2 trips out as the first was very rough seas but still worth the effort as seen many birds.Can't wait to re-visit the Islands this spring again.
    The longest coming photo shoot has to be the gannets,I've always wanted to get close to these beautiful birds and had tried a few years pass with little success.As the summer came on I was fortunate to be on the beach as the flock chased the fish ashore,then I made a trip to watch them soar along the rocky shore.Finally came within eye contact with these birds and was worth the wait.
  That was most of My year of shooting except for the week in the fall I spent shooting waterfalls in Cape Breton I had a terrific year shooting.Can't wait to see what 2012 brings

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