Thursday, September 29, 2011

Loonie Weekend

A few weeks back while going for a walk came across a pair of Loons playing along the shoreline.Was lucky enough to spend some time watching them feed and play within 50 feet of me.
 While using my call to keep them around i managed to get my camera and snap a few photos of them.
pair of loons

washing up

morning stretches

Nesting Heron

 Been awhile since had time to sit down and write.Finally been getting out to do some shooting,with the approach of Fall upon us the wildlife are starting to move about.
 Came across a marsh with a few nesting Heron spending the night ,so started going out early in the morning trying to capture few shoots while they woke up and groomed before the day ahead.
 Seen this Heron roosted up in the tree near the trail...
grooming before the day ahead

getting that last feather in place

overlooking the marsh