Monday, February 6, 2012

Sushi For Birds

  Over the past month while out shooting I've been trying to focus on catch the birds feeding.The start I was lucky enough to pass a loon feeding near and old wharf which gave me a good hiding spot.               

A few days ago we had a snow storm which brought in a few birds close to the shore where I set up a few ice clampers to hide behind and had a few red breasted merganser feeding on sculpins while a seagull tormented them to his success.

stolen meal

snowy dinnertime
 The next morning I returned to the shore watching a few common goldeneyes,while I was shooting a goldeneye feeding on a sculpin to my right I was startled by a splash,as I turned I seen a eagle raising out of the water with a cod in his talons.This really pleased me but unfortunately drove all the birds away. 
common goldeneye with sculpin

eagle with cod
 Hopefully with the ice moving in I have better chances to get out and catch more birds feeding near the shorelines.Most photos were taken with the Nikon d90 and Sigma 150-500 hand held.

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