Sunday, March 27, 2011

Young Pup

 Quite busy at work,so outing have been scarce lately.On Saturday headed out in search of Eagles and Waterfowl .While moving from one spot to another came across a young grey pup seal still in it's white coat,left behind after the ice moved out from the shore.
 So I gathered my camera and crawled towards her not to frighten her,spent about 20 minutes with her before moving on to let the pup rest.
Took few photos of her I'll post later as the new computer is having problems posting images???
young grey seal pup

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birding in a river bed

 Well, while looking for a sparrow hawk I saw fly by, I came across a small ravine with mostly old trees and a few maples. While in the ravine I saw my first bohemian waxwing up close. After getting a few shots, I went over to see what she was eating.
 I leaned on an old tree and then heard a noise. I looked up to see a hairy woodpecker looking down on me.
 The next morning I went back to check for them again. Luckily, I saw the woodpecker knocking away. Never saw the waxwing again, hopefully my hawk never saw her either.

Who's out there?
hairy woodpecker
bohemian waxwing

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Juvenile day out

 Decided to stay an extra day in Sydney before heading back home, lucky for me. We got together to feed the eagles and started out strong. A few older eagles came in, then the juvenile showed up, (4 young ones and 1 almost completely colored). The juveniles were a little hesitant at first but in no time started to come in for the fish.

 Unfortunately, the other photographer, Larry Kelly, hadn't come out that morning. I know we have been waiting a few days for the juveniles to come in to get some good shots. His name came up quite a few times while we were feeding and Wayne Gouthro would joke as the young ones passed by. But I know that Larry will be back there and get a ton of shots before I get back again.
 Here are a few shots from Saturday:
young juvenile making a pass

two young juveniles fighting over a meal

almost fully colored dropping in