Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Eagles of 2013

 Finally returned to Sydney,Nova Scotia to photograph the Eagles now that a little ice has formed along the shoreline.On Sunday morning ,a warm front passed through with the temperature rising up to 7'C(45'F).
 Once we gathered along the shoreline we were greeted with a few Herring gulls and a special 2nd Winter Iceland Gull who for the most part was a little bit of a bully when the food was out.
2nd Winter Iceland Gull
Iceland flying by
 While waiting for the Eagles to show up a Raven stopped in for a snack,which I really appreciate because I tried before to photograph them with little success because of lighting problems.
Raven having quick snack
 Once the Eagles started to fly we had an amazing day with about 7-10 Eagles circling around to bombard Us.As the ice flows broke up we had to drop the food precisely on top of the ice as the food sank if we missed to the joy of the Gulls. 
 With about 6 photographers yelling which Eagle to shoot at,we were spinning around like tops.After about 2 hours the eagles had enough and with all the laughs and Nikon-Canon debates done,we called it a day.
  Can't wait till next weekend for the get together again great laughs,good friends and lots of photo opportunities.Here are a few of the Eagles we seen.........Mostly shot with Nikon D90 Sigma 150-500 lens @ISO200   F9 Aperture Mode  between 200mm-300mm focal length...enjoy. 
Getting drive bombed from above

Locked and Loaded

Coming in on the flows

A successful grab 


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