Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Windy Visitor

   After a quiet christmas,we had a few days of strong winds and large surf.A friend of mine called me to say there were a few ducks being pushed close to shore with the winds,so I went down to watch the waves and look for a few photos.
  While walking the shoreline I came across one of my favorite little waterfowls a Dovekie,which when I started making decoys as a hobby,was my first set I made and still use to attract ducks near the wharfs.The dovekie had come ashore and seemed confused, so I approached her and after watching her trying to walk,realized they weren't meant to be on land,like the loon.
   Once I took a few shots of her,I seen she had calmed down,I decided to try and pick her up to move towards the cove where the water was calmer.To my surprised she let me or was too tired to fight,once I released her I watch as she slowly swam around and after a few drive I left hoping she'd be alright.
  Here a photo of the Dovekie sitting on the beach....

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