Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back In The Marsh

 After the trick or treaters headed out,sat down with the lap top backing up my photos on the external drive noticing I hadn't been out as much as I taught chasing waterfowl this fall.After getting my camo-suit out and boots made plans for the next morning.
 As I reached the marsh in the dark, I set up a few feet from the edge of the cattails just as the sun rose heard many geese flying behind the trees, unfortunately none came to the water.As the light came up I noticed a Grebe swimming around driving,to my surprise I watched her catch a small trout.
 Once a few birds flew by, a couple of blackducks  landed to my left side playing about,after about half hour few mallards started to pitch in for some great landing shots.
 As the sun came up and the birds stopped flying about I came to realize how much I missed my days following the waterfowl vowing to return in a few days.Here are a few shots from the morning:
blackduck settling in for a snack

male mallard dropping in

muskrat passing through

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