Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Northern Gannets

 Well lobster season has come and gone, giving me more time to get out and shoot.Only few days left till head back to town and work construction again.
 Woke this morning to the beautiful sounds of Gulls and Gannets in the cove behind the house.First time having a chance to shot them feeding.Definitely enjoyable with all the action of them diving and circling  above chasing the mackerel.Fun to watch as the seals chased the fish in the cove and then the Gannets drove through the schools scaring them back out to the waiting seals.
 Noticed something strange the feeding stayed constant while the fog remained down once the sky opened the gannets headed back out to sea,even though the fish continued to school around.
 Here's a few of the many shots taken this moring with the Nikon D-90  150-500mm sigma lens .
Northern Gannet

juvenile gannet
Feeding frenzy off the rocks

gannet leaving after a meal

juvenile following the crowd

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