Monday, June 13, 2011

Bird Island,Cape Breton

 Finally,got out for a day of photos,been so busy with this seasons lobster season.So headed out to the Islands off of Cabot Straits.On Saturday,of course,we had a wind fall warning with 3-5 meter seas.But fortunately the 35 foot boat was amazingly good and comfortable.
 After the 40 minute steam out to the island we first encountered a few Black Guillemot with their bright red feet.
After we spotted on the cliff a few razorbills and puffins and large colony of Herring Gulls mixed with the odd Cormorants.
Large group of Herring Gulls
Nesting Razorbills

Lone Puffin checking Us out

Group of Puffins siting outside the nesting holes
Male Puffin fixing their nest with grass

  While on the cruise seen many Razorbills and Black Guillemot flying around the boat,with their bright red feet shining in the sun which caught my eye over the Puffins bright beaks.
Razorbill sunning with Black Guillemot
Flock of Razorbills

Black Guillemot in flight with their red feet

Black Guillemot
  After crossing from one island to the next island came across a few dozen Grey Seals feeding along the lobster traps and chasing the caplin.Once we got to the next island we came to a flock of Puffins flying around the lobster boat.
Puffins in-flight
Puffin resting on the water
  Well all in all considering the weather,was a great day out on the Islands.In  a few more weeks the little Razorbills and Puffins should be out so I'll try it again,till then happy photography. 

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