Sunday, March 6, 2011

Juvenile day out

 Decided to stay an extra day in Sydney before heading back home, lucky for me. We got together to feed the eagles and started out strong. A few older eagles came in, then the juvenile showed up, (4 young ones and 1 almost completely colored). The juveniles were a little hesitant at first but in no time started to come in for the fish.

 Unfortunately, the other photographer, Larry Kelly, hadn't come out that morning. I know we have been waiting a few days for the juveniles to come in to get some good shots. His name came up quite a few times while we were feeding and Wayne Gouthro would joke as the young ones passed by. But I know that Larry will be back there and get a ton of shots before I get back again.
 Here are a few shots from Saturday:
young juvenile making a pass

two young juveniles fighting over a meal

almost fully colored dropping in 

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