Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birding in a river bed

 Well, while looking for a sparrow hawk I saw fly by, I came across a small ravine with mostly old trees and a few maples. While in the ravine I saw my first bohemian waxwing up close. After getting a few shots, I went over to see what she was eating.
 I leaned on an old tree and then heard a noise. I looked up to see a hairy woodpecker looking down on me.
 The next morning I went back to check for them again. Luckily, I saw the woodpecker knocking away. Never saw the waxwing again, hopefully my hawk never saw her either.

Who's out there?
hairy woodpecker
bohemian waxwing

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  1. Hi Troy,I just had a look at your photos and must say I enjoyed them. You have a few real good capture's. Keep shooting. Larry Kelly