Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New fields and new hunting grounds

 Drove up to FrenchVale on the last Saturday of March to check on the deers in the fields ,when came across a fox hunting the fields.Parked the truck and pursued him for about 3 miles or so through 6 farm fields in the light snow flurries while he hunted for mice not caring I was stalking him.He was very successful in his hunts as I was in my photo opportunities.

successful catch

strolling around

pounching on breakfast

  The following Saturday I woke to a heavy frost and decided to drive up to see if I could find my hawk or foxes.To my delight I came across him in the same field as the week before so I headed up the field and watch for about 1/2 hour as he seached the field for food.
 All the photos are full framed un cropped as I do have access to my own computer to do any editing.The Nikon d90 and 150-500 lens seems to be working find,but wish would of taken my 70-200 with me as the fox hung under 20 feet most of the time.Hopfully next weekend I'll get another chance.
searching under the frost

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