Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birds in the cold

Successful outings would be the words of the week! Just back from a few days of shooting in Sydney. Started off the mornings shooting waterfowls then, by midday, went chasing bald eagles and finished off the afternoons at the bird feeders shooting song birds.
Not much ice so the ducks were scattered around but, with a few decoys, managed to get a few photos. The bird feeders started off slow but, with the snow falls, really picked up. As for the eagles, have to really thank another photographer, Larry Kelly of Sydney as well as Wayne Gouthro; 2 great guys with great stories who are very welcoming and willing to share their spot where we see 5 eagles regularly (sometimes more). Got lots of photos and had lots of laughs in between rushes of birds.
Here are a few of the photos from the outings.
few mallards passing by

female red breasted merganser 
male goldeneye



golden finches


bald eagle checking us out

pair eagles soaring
eagle coming over train tracks

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