Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What a difference a day makes

 Well, I made a trip in search of wildlife yesterday and had one of those days where you were always 1 step behind the wildlife. Started off by missing my loon which I had been checking on for a few days. By the time I parked and got in position, he heard me and decided to have a staring contest (he won). I left then and saw 3 eagles circling over the ponds. I knew where they usually fly by so I set up. After waiting 1 hour, I gave up and,on the way home, I saw my 2 eagles on the shore right where I was set up for my loon.
  Today I tried again before the weather turned. I fed my birds and went out in search of my pheasants and saw 1. Checked on my favorite spot for blackducks and saw a few. Got a nice pair sunning themselves. I got home and saw a few songbirds who were friendly so I got some shots.
Goes to show you: Tuesday 2 shots and Wednesday  25 shots.
house sparrow

male and female house sparrow
female house sparrow
mallards enjoying the sun

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