Sunday, April 8, 2012

Winter Eagles feeding

  After 2 months in Sydney,Nova Scotia had the pleasure of spending time feeding the Eagles on the weekends.Now that all the ice has melted,3 weeks earlier than last year, had time to check over some of the many shots I've taken.
   I noticed that last year had about 15-20 mature and only 2 or 3 young eagles,this season I noticed far more immature eagles which is a good sign for their population.Also seen more interest from other photographers shooting the eagles.
  I've gather a few shoots from on the ice to ice melting to no more ice feeding shoots with the Nikon d90 and Sigma 150-500 most shots are in "A" F9 and 200 iso handheld.
mature digging in

almost mature snatching a meal
immature fishing on thin ice

mature grabbing redfish
mature eagles splashing down

immature skimming for fish
  After another feeding season behind me,already dreaming of what next year will bring with all the immature eagles paired up and nesting around.till then bring on the spring birds and babies.


  1. How absolutely wonderful, Troy, GREAT series here!!

  2. thanks hope you enjoyed them